Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Texts with My Daughters: Reebok Women Lunch

I have said many times that a great Christmas gift would be a book, "Texts with My Daughters".  We have a family group text and many times it is pretty funny.

Take today, for example.

This text string was preceded by a discussion of the proper Spanish translation for "guinea pig", recipes for cooking guinea pig and an admonition by me to leave my guinea pig the hell alone.

Ronda: Looking forward to seeing you guys today. I pulled my fancy watch out of the bank safe deposit box to look more professional.

Maria: Wait, is this a fancy thing? Like, I wasn't wearing sweats but do I need to wear a dress?

Ronda: LOL. No, it's like a brunch with grandma attire.

Maria: Ok. They sent us Reeboks to wear so I figured it was not suits/ ball gowns.

Ronda: I'm wearing Reeboks. I have like a Serena Williams look going.

Maria: Good, because my ball gown is at the cleaners.

Me: Since I am in fact a grandma, whatever I wear is grandma attire by definition. I'm going in footie pajamas - with Reeboks over them, of course.

Maria: Damn it. Now I have to change so we're not twinning.

Jenn: What the heck are you guys doing?

Me:  We're going to some Reebok lunch. Do you own any granny attire? Oh, wait, that's what you wear to work - ha ha . You can borrow my Reeboks. And I thought you were in Oregon.

Jenn (who is inexplicably not in Oregon): No, I'm cleaning my house, smart alec - bring me free shoes.

Me: What color?

Jenn: Not ugly.

(Since "not ugly" is not a color, it is evident why Jenn teaches history and not art.)

Julia (who is in Calculus class): I don't know what we're talking about but free shoes - sign me up!

Maria's Personal Stylist, Age Almost 8
Maria: Would a person wear jeans to brunch with grandma - like nice jeans, because I have been trying to determine what a Serena Williams look is and I got nothing.  Eva just picked out my outfit for me.

Ronda:  She wears dresses with sneakers.

Maria: Too late. You're not the only one with a stylist, Ronda.

.... and those are just our texts when we're getting dressed in the morning.

We finally managed to get dressed and out the door.

When I am not getting fashionably dressed, I'm making games that make you smarter.

Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

It's not grandma attire unless there's a braless muumuu and fuzzy house shoes with socks. Get it together, ladies...

Ventus said...

Its always great to see Ronda doing better. I know she is still grieving in a way but things are turning around for the better.

Could you please remind her that she actually has a lot of people who still admire her and like her and support her, regardless of if she lost a fight? People that do enjoy seeing her win in awesome ways like nobody can but dont value her just for that.

I really hope i am wrong in this but from what i could see based on her few posts on the "social media" it looked to me as if she is only noticing the haters and the negative comments and doesnt see the people who stuck by her through this.
If that is true then she will basically lock herself up in a negativity box, a neverending loop of trying to please and running after people that dislike her based on nonsense, lack of intelligence and personal bias, while completely shutting out all those who like her for who she really is most of all.

Now, of course its not like her fans can claim they know her personally just based on the things in the media and stuff like that but she did release and say a lot of things about herself, enough for a lot of people to get a pretty good even if not complete picture.
Its not like those people are deluding themselves. Sure, within millions of fans there are some who probably dont have a realistic picture but thats not any kind of majority either.

Those "haters" are actually just some of the worst Miesha and Cyborg fans, who finally got the opportunity to try and kick her while she s down, which just shows what pathetic -(trying not to be extremely rude here)- they are.
And some general trolls with IQs bellow 50 who jump onto any opportunity to feed on someone else pain.

They did create a lot of noise and did their best to create a false picture as if thats "everybody" - which media helped a lot because they are mostly overpaid idiots who just create clickbait and copy paste any hype, but they are not "everybody" or the "people".

Miss Rousey should stay in touch with good people she has as fans who still appreciate her and like her very much, not for their sake, but for her own sake. Otherwise she will drift out of touch. Into something that is not actually real. And the trolls and haters will love nothing better then that.

As i said, i really, really hope i am wrong in this, but i just felt i really need to say this.

She may even feel like her spite is gone, diminishing, disappearing -but its not. Its right where it always was. But it needs to be channeled properly. It needs to come from the good place. And If... if she is seeing only the negativity, only that garbage pile then she is clogging it up, closing the valves at the source. It wont run like that.
She needs to turn around and just see the army trying to give something good back to her. It may not be an army huge in numbers but it is huge in spite!

Unknown said...

Always good to hear stories coming from the other side ( the fair sex ). Some of us dudes come from all male families ( exept for the mother ) and work in an all guy environement . So for you AnnMaria, the reverse angle of your " fashion trouble shooting " would be ; do I have to wear steel toe boots ? ( in case there is heavy lifting )