Thursday, July 17, 2008

Judo, Monkeys and Paintball

In this latest edition of Sneakerdoodle Zebra Judo, Julia De Mars, USJA Junior National Champion in the 9-10 middle weight division, interviews USJA Chief Operating Officer and Tournament Director for the USJA/ USJF Winter Nationals Gary Goltz on rollerblades. (Julia is on rollerblades, not Gary).

Julia asks some hard-driving questions, such as why judo is not more popular in the United States, what Gary's plans are for marketing judo and whether or not these plans include monkeys and paintball.

Also, it should be noted that Julia is a member of the 2016 Olympic Judo Team at 70kg. We have a plaque to prove it.

New Quiz Feature -- Are you brain-dead?

If an official had multiple signed affidavits stating that he had molested female minor athletes, would you:

A. Say that it was okay as long as there was no proof that children had been molested in the last ten years.

B. Appoint him Head of Delegation for a junior world team including two sixteen-year-old female players.

C. Suspend or expel him pending a full investigation.

D. Are you f#@$ing kidding me ? !!!!!


Stephen Mills said...

Was that Tony Soprano?

Keep Smiling

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell Goltz to comb what's left of that hair and do some sit ups! Hahahahahaha

- AW

Unknown said...

the correct answer is both D & C

Stephen said...

Thanks for keeping this series up.

Unknown said...

i agree with ronda.
i would get the hell away

Anonymous said...

For those of you that wish to give your support for Mr. Fletcher Thornton during this difficult time you can contact him at the following address:

Fletcher Thornton
P.O. Box 769 Middletown, CA 94561
Ph: 707.987.9048
Fx: 707.987-9084

If you can't reach him there try him at the Lake County International Charter School were he voluteers his free time to work at a school with kids under the age of 14.

And if you still can't reach him feel free to stop by the Middletown Town Offices where he is a member of the M.A.T.H. Committee.

Go ahead give him a call, send him an email or a letter at the same time you are contacting the USJA, USJI and USOC. Let him know you are thinking of him. God Bless.

Anonymous said...