Monday, August 11, 2008

china is a different country

So far it is not as crowded as I expected. By government fiat there is no traffic. Try that in LA and you d have a recall vote on the ballot in 15 minutes. No wireless here so I am limited to my iPhone for updates for now. I am going to walk around and check out the neighborhood before heading over to the Olympic village to see Ronda.

So far --- what there is more of here

Habitual conservation of electricity, water - less waste
Big brother type slogans
People speaking Chinese - one person who picked me up at the airport spoke limited English. Not as many people speak English as I expected


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ronda!
Thanks for keeping us all updated!
I have been checking your blog every few minutes for updates.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Ronda ;)

Anonymous said...


Patrick Parker said...

Congratulations to Ronda and to you, mom! Y'all are awesome American heroes now. I hope my daughter grows up watching and studying y'all.

Again, a truly great achievement!

The Magnolia Parkers

Anonymous said...

Tell your daughter congratulations. Bring me a shot glass :) Ernie