Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No time put into a student is ever wasted

Some coaches or trainers believe that if a student quits martial arts after several years that the time put into that student was wasted. I disagree.


Chris Mattison said...

Dr. Ann.

Excellent blog and spot on with the message. Over the years, as an assistant and an instructor, I've seen numerous children come through and most all of them left better than they did when they came in (those who tried, at least). Just yesterday I commented on Facebook, "...the best feeling is seeing a child that will "make it"; I don't mean make it to black belt, I mean make it in life".

If martial artists got back to investing it's time into our children over trying to coax parents into investing in them, I think the world (and the sport) would be much better off.


Anonymous said...

Hello AnnMaria, you are absolutely right, I did practice Judo almost 40 years ago only up to the orange belt [one reason I quit was that I was afraid of practicing the Tomenage, pls don't tell other people .-)]. After 40 years of non-practicing I am learning Wing Tsun now and we do also train BJJ techniques and I realize that I feel very comfortable on the ground after so many years having passed. All the Best to you from Germany, Best Regards Peter

Anonymous said...

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