Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winning on the Ground Infomercial - judo speed drills

Another video blog .... why winning on the ground is awesome, how judo drills help, how judo and jiu-jitsu matwork differ

Currently on sale at Amazon here for $11.59

If Amazon is sold out you can buy it straight from Black Belt at 18.95

You can buy the ebook for $9.99 at either Amazon or Black Belt. Barnes and Noble sells it for the Nook as well.


Al B Here said...

It seems that, once again, I share your views. Ronda is clearly a remarkable athlete, but she also holds a distinct advantage over other fighters because of the conditioning she's undergone through judo. If one looks at her earlier fights, she was beating her opponents because of two factors: 1) She uses takedowns that most fighters aren't accustomed to dealing with, since everyone trains wrestling instead of judo. 2) Her transitions are lightning quick. I don't believe for a moment that her opponents (like Ediane Gomes, a BJJ black belt) had no clue about arm bar defense. Rather, I believe they had never been attacked that quickly before. I know plenty of arm bar defenses, but if I'm not quick enough to use them, then I better know how to tap quickly.

Ronda has been training MMA for the last, what, year or so? In that time, she's been training different techniques and using different skills. She may very well be unintentionally training her judo techniques less frequently. As a result, her judo reactions could very well be slowing down a bit. At the moment, she's still making transitions faster than her opponents can deal with them, but the longer she neglects her judo skill set, the slower those reactions will get. Her opponents' best shot at her will come when her reactions have diminished sufficiently for them to defend her attacks. Then she'll have to get crafty (which I'm sure she's capable of).

Long story short, Ronda, listen to your mother and keep up that judo speed!

BlackBeltNation said...

I've been looking forward to 'The Book' since you began infomercializing it here!
(not that you had to-- "there's a judo book by AnnMaria & Sr. out" is the only pitch anyone who has or wants a clue would need)
Amazon says it'll be in my paws Monday.
Which means Tuesday is bad news for everyone else at my dojo.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Hey BlackBeltNation - What's your dojo so I can call and warn them just to give them a fair shake (-: