Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Conversations with Random People

Him: I wasn't around then, that was when I was in prison for attempted murder.
Me: Why was that?
Him: Because I shot a guy.
Me: Why did you shoot him?
Him: Because I wanted to kill him.
Me: Well, I guess the verdict was correct, then.
Him: I guess so. You know, I shouldn't have shot him in front of so many witnesses.
Me: Well, it was probably a poor choice on a number of levels.


Me:  It is so weird when I look at the sales ranking for books on Amazon and my book is way above those written by real authors.
Husband: You're a real writer.
Me: Yeah, but these are people who write books for an actual job, not people who do it when they get around to it after their real job. I mean, there are people whose books I actually go looking to see if they wrote another one and their books are selling way less than mine. It's weird.
Him: You wrote a real book. It's read by real people. That makes you a real writer.
Ronda: I miss home.
Me: We miss you, too. If you're gone much longer, I'm going to have Julia just start going around the house and randomly losing shit.

Text from Jenn: I went running three days in a row.
Text from me: Who are you and why do you have my daughter's phone?

Text from Julia: Mom, what time do you wanna come get me from Jourdan's house?
Text from Me:  I'm in Florida
Text from Julia: Um, yeah, well maybe I'll call Dad then.

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Anonymous said...

Your husband seems like a very kind and supportive man. That's good, a lot of men would get insecure around an accomplished woman like yourself, which is really the failure of society in poorly educating men about how they should be relating to women but nonetheless, it happens. I'm always about husbands supporting their wives and encouraging them. You should never feel insecure about your wife's strong points because they'll only compliment your own.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Yes, he's a really good guy. I think men who are very accomplished themselves are far less likely to worry about their wives being successful

Judomark said...

Allen Wrench!! What a lovely madman, I remember talking to him in the queue for the weigh in at The World Masters in Arizona 2001. He gave me a cd of his music which I still have, including I think "My Bitch is a Junkie". Iv'e trained (no judo 'playing' here) in judo for 40 years and have in the last few finally decided to improve my ne waza, not a minute to soon eh? Too late for me to be anything other than an MMA tourist I have trained in MMA for 2 years and really enjoyed it alongside judo. So imagine how pleased I am to realize that someone took the time to write a blog and book about this area.
Amazon here I come!

Keep up the good work.
and say Hi to Alan from Mark Fricker and the team from Pinewood Judo Club GBR (Bronze Team Medallists beating the USA B Team on the way, happy days)!