Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There's more than one way to ko uchi makikomi

Ronda does this throw one way and I do it another. It's not because her way is wrong and mine is right, or vice versa. Both are right for different purposes and wrong for others. As I demonstrate here, mine is best for a low-risk attack. It is hard to counter and easy to transition to matwork.

If you are better at matwork than standing (I raise my hand at this point), this may be a better choice for you. If you are ahead in the match and don't want to risk getting countered, it may get you a yuko, getting you even further ahead. At worst, you won't get a score and you'll still be ahead.


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Al B Here said...

So I'm guessing the danger of getting your back taken (which admittedly isn't as much of an issue in judo as it is in BJJ or MMA) is mitigated by the speed with which you transition to the side?

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Exactly. One key point - and thank you for bringing this up - is that people will often say, "Oh, I could stop/ follow up/ counter move X by doing Y... " and they may be correct. The part they fail to recognize is that your opponent doesn't usually KNOW that you are going to do X and so does not immediately react. Also, with regard to speed - I'm almost 55 years old. When I was competing almost 30 years ago, I was MUCH faster so the likelihood of anyone taking my back was pretty low.

Al B Here said...

You're pretty spry, to be honest. Factor in your age and the knee replacement and you're darn impressive.

Another thing people don't seem to understand, in addition to the reaction time issue, there's the natural "WTF?!?" moment/disorientation that occurs just after being thrown. So in addition to reaction being slower than action, you have the disorientation to deal with, too. To me, that's the key to why Ronda wins so easily. She's lightning quick and takes advantage of the WTF period.

Sylver said...

Thanks - great demo! I was also impressed by your speed. Didn't expect you'd still be that fast.

Funnily enough, I just found a video of an interesting variant on Ko Uchi Makikomi ( where Tori puts hi hand on Uke's hips instead of below the arms to make sure his back can't be taken.