Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visiting Ogden Judo School

On Sunday, September 23, all of the West Coast Judo Training Center people -- well, a bunch of them anyway, will be down at Ogden Judo School - NOTE!! The new address is

17034 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower California
If you go to their club website it still has the old address up, which is very confusing since they are on the same street in the same town, just about a half-mile away from the old school.
Practice is from 2-6 pm.
All of you who are always asking when I will be teaching - the answer is this Sunday. I expect I will get there a little late but I will be there. 
John Ogden, the founder of Ogden Judo School, was a great guy. The school was in Long Beach before I was born, was still there when I was competing and was STILL there when Ronda was competing in judo. A few years ago, about the time Sensei Ogden passed away, the building was torn down. The school was in a small place for a while and is now having a grand opening in their new location.
Arm bars will be in the house

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