Saturday, November 3, 2012

9 Reasons You Should Go to "Here Come the Boom"

I only see Julia on the weekends, now that she is away at school, and it is tough for us to find activities we agree on.
  • She loves to watch TV shows about vampires - I hate them.
  • I like to walk to the beach - she thinks that is a waste of a perfectly good car.
  • .... and so on.
So ... we went to Ambiance and dropped a few hundred dollars on getting our hair done and beauty products that I find it hard to believe she needs because she looks perfectly beautiful to me already.

After that it was more disagreement. She wanted to go shopping and I said I had spent more than enough on her for one day. 

So ... we went to see Here Comes the Boom and it was six kinds of awesome. Let me enumerate them.
  1. You can go see it with your ten-, twelve- or fourteen-year-old brother or sister and they will laugh because it has a guy (Jason Mayhem Miller) getting puked on, which was disgusting but funny.
  2.   There are a lot of really funny non-puke scenes, most of them involving Bas Rutten doing everything from dancing to ripping half of his clothes off and teaching spinning disco. It's kind of like Austin Powers in the sense that if you explain the jokes to someone some of them sound kind of dumb but if you watch the movie it is hilarious. Julia and I both laughed out loud a lot.
  3. The view of mixed martial arts competitions at all levels, starting with the very most amateur of promotions  to the UFC was pretty accurate - although I must admit I haven't seen any live chickens - yet. So, if you're curious about mixed martial arts, it gives you the Cliff Notes view.
  4. There are no sex scenes that cause you to be embarrassed seeing it with your younger sibling, child or parent.
  5. There is a nice uplifting story about following your dreams, which makes it mother-approved. 
  6. There are enough movies about killing people. This one involves finding your passion, doing your best, helping people - by kicking, punching, throwing and arm barring other people.

Go see it and take your son, daughter, kid brother or sister. You will get the triple benefit of
a) enjoying the movie, and
b) receiving brownie points from your husband, wife, mom or dad for being such a nice person to take said younger relative to a movie, and
c) gain coolness points from younger accompanying relative who will conclude that you are not such a mean/old/clueless/hipster dweeb after all.

How awesome is that?!

Occasional blogger disclaimer regarding sponsorship:
 No one gives me diddly squat to write anything on this blog. I even bought my own movie tickets and paid for Julia's ridiculously expensive hair styling (she does look beautiful, though, doesn't she?).

All opinions are my own. Some of your opinions are probably mine, too. Give them back!

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