Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video Resources for Judo from Steve Scott

There are a lot of mediocre videos on youtube and everywhere else. A few better than mediocre ones I would recommend are by Steve Scott and his crew at Welcome Mat Judo Club.

This one, for example,

shows combination from a pin (kesa gatame) to a triangle choke (san kaku jime).

I will tell you the the background noise of people playing basketball in the same gym is pretty darn annoying but this is made up for by the facts that

  1. It is one of the few judo videos that uses the phrase "equilateral triangle",
  2. It includes a gratuitous arm bar.

I recommend going to watch this video and just stay on the channel. It will play numerous videos on matwork one after the other. If you like judo, grappling, mixed martial arts or matwork  in any form, you'll thank me for referring you here.

You're welcome.

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missywombat said...

Thank you! I've got one of Steve's books which is great but looking at a video is so much easier than trying to piece things together from photos. Can't wait to have a go at converting a kesa to the sankaku.