Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Rice Winners - Prize ideas?

I selected a sample from all of those who participated in the free rice competition. The more grains of rice you donated, the higher probability of winning.

ALL of the people who donated over 990,000 received a prize. It was supposed to be over 1,000,000 but one person was at 996,000 so that just seemed too close not to win anything.

Username             Grains Donated
InvincibleDK    10,408,030
svtjer                 9,231,590
xxdoc_holidayxx 6,405,340
Yariv                   6,404,670
louchristopher     4,034,320
Blackwater01     2,772,810
jesslittle             1,410,540
yingherng           1,161,690
Rabble_Rouser  1,084,970
norad2                1,032,530
DSL                   1,013,990
Alan260             1,006,320
rainmaker_            996,030

Originally, four people were selected who had donated over 100,000, four who had donated over 50,000 and three other people. However, there were only five people who had donated over 100,000 and it seemed unfair to give a prize to four of them and not the fifth, so I just put the fifth person down as a winner also.


If your name is above, please email me your address. Also, email me your t-shirt size and shorts size .
If you donated over 1,000,000 and you have any special requests, please enclose that in the email. I cannot promise any special requests and Ronda is, understandably, taking a week off.  I know last time she had the Topps cards for the top two. There is a closet with cool stuff but I don't know how exactly she had planned to distribute it. There are t-shirts, shorts, a set of nice judo towels from Judo Unlimited, photos and I'm not sure what else.

Most of the t-shirts I have right now are small or extra-small. I think I have one large. I also have a couple of pairs of shorts.They are all autographed. If that is your size, you're going to give it to a small person or if  you are not going to wear it and don't mind the size, send me your address and I will get it mailed early next week.

The nice people at Fight Chix were supposed to meet up with me after the fight on Saturday about getting some extra large shirts but, as you can imagine, it was pretty CRAZY and we never did connect.

SO .... if your name is above and you could email me your information, that would expedite getting the prizes out quicker than last time.

A million points for you all. The total number of grains of rice donated between this time (almost 57,000,000) and the last two fights (31,500,000) is enough to feed about TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE.

In the unlikely event that you are interested in programming and how I fairly selected winners so that those who donated more had more of a chance, you can see the program here.  One winner had donated 580 grains of rice, so no matter how much you play, you DO have a chance (well not now, because the contest is over).

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