Thursday, February 7, 2013

My crazy life

It has been CRAZY around here. First of all, there is the whole Ronda having a UFC title fight thing which has had journalists, photographers and film crews descending on us like locusts on a corn field. Often, I will come downstairs to find someone with a camera from HBO or New York Times or Fuel TV or who knows where. I usually say,
This is the point where I would put on make-up but I don't own any, so come on in and set up your lights while I make some coffee.

Saturday was particularly interesting as I heard Ronda downstairs talking to Julia, so I stumble into the living room wearing nothing but my husband's shirt and there is a photographer who politely asks,

Do you mind if I take your picture?

To which I responded,

"Well, I'm not wearing pants, but sure, whatever."

Fortunately, he is much bigger than me and the shirt goes half-way to my knees, so all of the interesting bits are covered up, which by the time you are my age no one is interested in anyway. Then there are all of the crazy questions like,

"Are you training harder for this fight since it's a UFC title fight?"

to which Ronda invariably responds,

"Did I not look like I trained hard for the last fights? I won them all in the first round. What more do you want?"

And it goes on and on and on. If that is not enough, our book, Winning on the Ground is now out as an ebook and you can buy it on Amazon! 

It should be available on Barnes & Noble and in the Apple store for iBooks within a few days. The paper version comes out in March.

GO HERE & SUPPORT AN AWESOME PROJECT  ---> And, more craziness, the math adventure game my company has developed a computer game to teach kids math and our Kickstarter campaign went live today !!

AND we will be doing a demo of our game at the 106 Miles Women in Tech event in Santa Monica on February 20th

AND we have two grant proposals due this month that add up to $600,000. One I already submitted and the other I'm working on now. Thanks very much to the ever-lovely and helpful Crystal Butts and the not-as-lovely but equally helpful Blinky Elizalde for covering judo classes for me while I worked on these.

Anyway, so, yeah, I guess you understand now why I have to finish this blog post and get back to work.

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