Monday, February 11, 2013

Reasons to Buy a Character in a Video Game

Okay, maybe you don't have $2,500 to pay to be a character in Spirit Lake: The Game.

We're not talking about you, then, but asking who would be interested? Here is my list:
  1. Someone who really wants to get their son or daughter a present no other kid has but doesn't want to be that asshole parent that bought their kid a $55,000 mini-sized Hummer.
  2. A guy trying to make an impression on a woman with a soft heart - "Look, Honey, I had you written into a computer game. And I also sponsored a whole school full of kids on an American Indian reservation."We presume you want her to be a good character in the game, like a very attractive older sister who gives the kids directions when they're lost, teaches them how to paddle the canoe - we're open to suggestions.
  3. Someone who wants to get back at their ex. You have an ex named Frank? Sure, we'll create an evil character named Frank with a leer and a mustache. You can even give us the hair, eye color and a description. No, we won't do a complete photo match in this case because we don't want to be sued.
  4. You are dating some guy who is crazy for gaming and you want to show you "get him" but you don't want to spend 512 hours playing Call of Duty.
  5. Your son or daughter has been having a hard time with you working a lot and you want to give them something special, but without spoiling them or missing how privileged their life is. With our Kickstarter campaign the $2,500 sponsorship not only gets your child to be a character in the game but also sponsors licenses for an entire school. We'll send you a card from the principal and signed by the students.
  6. You promised, "I got you something really special for Valentine's Day", but actually you had no idea it was Valentine's Day on Thursday, you haven't gotten anything, you have no idea what your significant other wants and you are going to be SO SCREWED when February 14th rolls around. 
If any of those fits you, wander over to our Kickstarter site and pledge. If none of those fits you, or all of them do but you don't have $2,500 take a look anyway. For $10 you can get a thanks on our website, for $35 you can get a game license for you AND we'll give one to a kid in a low-income school also. 

Any more reasons you can imagine? Please add below.

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